Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique
Shop 32 Cnr Otto du Plessis drive &, Cormorant Ave, Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Review №1

Wow wow wow! Where do I even begin. An absolute power house team who made sure that, from the very first fitting, I had an unforgettable experience. The team was amazing, polite and always professional. Loreen assisted me in choosing my dress and knew exactly what would suit my body shape. Madeleine at the front desk was always friendly and professional. The service I received was incredible and I cannot recommend the service of Tying the Knot highly enough. The dress I rented was altered to perfection and I felt like a princess on my special day. Thank you, Team!

Review №2

It was my first time fitting on dresses and honestly it was an amazing first experience! The best service and the nicest lady Lorreen assisted me. I would recommend Tying the knot bridal boutique to any future bride. Beautiful showroom, quality wedding dresses and friendly owner and staff. Thank you so much!

Review №3

Stunning place! Excellent service, staff are all friendly and they make you feel welcome and at home, definitely a wonderful experience and I do recommend their service for any bride and Bridesmaids. Keep up the great work! 🌟

Review №4

Ive been shopping for my daughters wedding for almost a year now and have been to many bridal shops. I was completely shocked by the responce I received, as if they saw a ghost. I wasnt even greeted. When I asked if they could take my details and let me know if they get a particular shoe in a different size I was told they dont offer that service. Very inexperienced and immature esp for a bridal boutique

Review №5

This was the first bridal shop I walked into and found my dream dress in under an hour. Absolutely amazing service! I needed quite a few alterations and they were done perfectly! I walked down the aisle feeling like a queen.

Review №6

People very friendly and helpful. Nice experience to choose my daughter wedding dress

Review №7

Excellent service and stunning bridal wear available for just about any budget.

Review №8

BRILLIANT! Just brilliant. Definitely a stop for EVERY BRIDE and BRIDESMAID - from formal wear to accessories, robes and so much more! IM A HUGE FAN ❤️

Review №9

A very big thank you to team Tying The Knot.For their excellent service and the amazing dress I got to wear on my wedding day.It’s not every day I dress up like a princess and actually feel like one, but on the day of my wedding I felt like the perfect bride. You assisted me with a smile on your face every time I got there and everything was simple and easy. So glad I came across your site. Thank you! Thank you for making me feel like a princes in my beautiful wedding dress!

Review №10

From the moment I walked into Tying the Knot in search of a dress to the moment I collected my beautiful dream dress, the whole experience was one that exceeded my expectations.Nastassia and Melisa were amazing, friendly and so accommodating. Made the whole experience so special. My bridal party and I shared memorable times together trying on dresses until I found the one… Thank you for my gorgeous dream dress, I felt beautiful and like a princess. It was perfect.You will not be disappointed when you use Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique to find your dress.

Review №11

Finding a wedding dress was a stressful process for me, but as soon as I entered Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique, I knew that I would find my dress there. I spotted a dress on their Instagram account and, after trying on a number of dresses, decided that I wanted to mix that dress design with another dress skirt design. They were very helpful and supportive of this idea! My dress was very comfortable and I received many compliments on the day! It was also a LOT more affordable than other places I looked at. They also created a beautiful veil and lace hair clip for me, and provided me with some of my dress lace to use on my garter. Thank you Nastassia and team, I will certainly recommend your boutique to others!

Review №12

Like every girl, I wanted my dream dress! And after coming across Tying the Knot Bridal Boutiques Facebook page, I knew that I would it find it there! Nastassia and her team are the most lovely ladies. Very professional, caring and friendly. Thank you for making me feel comfortable from the first fitting to the last! I would definitely recommend you guys to every bride I know! xxx

Review №13

Absolutely blessed for the ladies at Tying the knot. Im at awe with the final product. Thank you so much

Review №14

Its sooo beautiful here. the service is great and warm

Review №15

I read a blog the other day: Dont buy your wedding dress without asking these questions. While reading the blog this section popped up:What do you think will look flattering on me?Even if a gown doesn’t look amazing on the hanger, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t look amazing on you. Be open to what an experienced consultant thinks will flatter your figure — it might be different than what you pictured. Bottom line: Your wedding dress should be the best fit for your body type.The last section really summed up my experience at Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique. You walk into a bridal shop knowing exactly what you want and you probably would never have pictured something so perfectly fit on your body, but when the time comes to actually fitting the dress, it doesnt fit your body type. Now I know this might not be for all brides but this was my experience. I knew what I wanted and that was it. Fitting it on was another story.Before giving up, the consultant helping me that day (such a sweet, patient lady, that made me feel more than comfortable around her) asked me if Id like to try on some more. I told her you know what, surprise me, what do you think will fit my body? She went out and came back in, she had a few dresses on the hanger that wasnt my style at all, but I gave it a shot. The first dress I tried on was the perfect fit! No other dress after that came close to the first one. And just like that the dress on the hanger I didnt like, became the dress for me.Thank you Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique for an amazing experience. You come highly recommended in my book #ISaidYesToTheDress

Review №16

Such great service, really enjoyed my time.

Review №17

Experienced staff. Helpfull and friendly

Review №18

Very nice service , everyone is so courteous

Review №19

Very disappointing in comparison to other places visited. The assistant gave zero input and no help getting the dresses on or off. The fitting room was extremely cramped.

Review №20

I love how all these brides had such an amazing bridal experience, i was robbed of this experience. It went from a dream dress that fit my fuller figure perfectly. I remember thinking wow they actually make wedding dresses in my size, there is no pressure for me to loose weight now. This was in March 2020, in the meantime after my job loss and wanting to live healthier i did loose some weight and centimeters. Perfect i thought the dress would fit me even better now and just small alterations would be needed because of my slight weight loss. To my shock and horror, i had my final 3 fittings before my wedding day 31st October and the dress was suddenly to small and im not talking about one size small but like several sizes small. I kept telling the consultant there is something not right with this dress. I know for a fact i have gone smaller but i was made to feel like i was going crazy. I then asked for them to find my measurements taken at my first appointment in March, they then measured me again in October and surprise surprise i indeed did not gain weight but had lost centimeters so I was not crazy. So how is it that the dress doesnt fit if the correct size was ordered, someone is lying and needs to own up. After so much alterations had been done to the dress already. I was told sorry for this but they are sure the correct size was ordered and the fault could lie with the supplier. Eventually the dress i contractually signed for was unrecognisable after it had to be restructured to fit my body and extra boning put in to give it shape. At the end of it i was discounted the remaining balance owed and alteration cost which I was told was R10 000 and that it was not fair of me to want my deposit back as well. Well i never got the dress i signed for in the contract in my opinion. To top it off i had boning stabbing me through the dress the entire day of the wedding and when i told them this, i was told that they are not responsible for dress malfunctions on the wedding day as per contract . In my opinion the dress malfunctioned before the wedding day. I was also told that the dress never did that at the fitting, really well all you do is stand still and lift your arms at fittings. I was advised that I would be kept in the loop with all communication between Tying the Knot and their supplier regarding the dress disaster but up until today have had no response from anyone even after i have mailed for explanations. I will not refere Tying the Knot ever. Dissatisfied and Disappointment Bride. Picture A is original dress and Picture B is altered dress. Dress B makes me look much bigger than what i am because the dress was the wrong size......

Review №21

Absolute amazing service. The staff is so helpful and accommodating.

Review №22

Absolutely amazing bridal experience. Malissa is the most amazing person to deal with. Fun loving and accommodating to the entire bridal party. Thank you

Review №23

They had a good selection of dresses. Melissa who helped me was friendly. The alterations was not on par- my dress was not as originally fitted and what was supposed to be a beautiful figure hugging dress was a dress that made me look short as they took off a good 5cm at the top of the dress, and because you can only collect two days prior there was nothing that could be done. Also they never paid my deposit back after numerous e-mails they ignored me.

Review №24

I highly recommend Tying the Knot for any bride-to-be looking for her dream wedding dress. Natassia and the team are so lovely and professional. To top it off, the boutique now also sells bridal slippers and bridal gowns (feels amazing and stunning colours). I also found my beautiful veil and garter here as well. I could not be happier with my dress and the alterations they did to make it fit perfectly to my body. Forever grateful for Tying the Knot ♡

Review №25

Terrible experience.1. On arrival I was greeted by a very unfriendly person.2. Other than filling in a form, I was not told what to do.3. I was there with 2 other brides hopelessly looking at dresses to keep ourselves busy while we wait for a consultant to see to us.3. The consultant arrived and told me to go into the room and wait. She then walked up to my friend, whom she just assumed was the bride, and started talking to her. I found this very unprofessional and just plain rude.4. The consultant was 15min late for our 1hour appointment. 45min later i was told to hurry up because our session was over. I was still charged for the full hour. Nor was I apologized for for them being late.5. I was never told that I should look at the dresses and start choosing what i wanted to try on. The consultant took it on herself to chose for me. I was told people typically have photos of what they are looking for. I went outside our room on my own accord to help choose.6. I was not helped to get into the dresses and when the lady was pinning the oversized dresses (she only used 2 clamps, which popped off during the fitting, by my back and never fitted the sleeves). Furthermore, she kept on yawning, open mouth, in my face. This i found very disrespecful and rude.All in all I had a terrible experience and would not recommend this bridal shop to anyone.

Review №26

I had an appointment for Saturday at 1pm. We were told to be there 12:45. Arrived at 12:40. When we came in, the person first mistook us for someone else. We were then told to sit in one of the rooms until our consultant was ready for us. After about 10 min another lady came in with a dress, hardly greeted us. She had also mistook us for someone else.At 13:15 we had been waiting 30 minutes over the time that they had stipulated we be there. Not one of the consultants smiled at us, offered us anything to drink, or gave an apology or explanation as to why we were waiting so long. Needless to say we left (without them even noticing).

Review №27

Very lovely every bride to visit

Review №28

Fantastic, friendly professional service. Thank for Melissa for her honest opinions...lovely environment

Review №29

I ordered masks from them ages ago and Ive heard nothing since then. Ive sent multiple emails to two different email addresses. Ive sent Facebook messages and whatsapps to all the numbers I have for this company. No one answers the phone. Im not sure what to do from here as Ive paid for the products and have no idea how to get my money back because no one will respond to me.

Review №30

I had such a lovely experience at Tying the knot bridal boutique. Mariska knew exactly what dress suited my figure. After having no idea of what i liked... i found my BEAUTIFUL dress. She is incredibly friendly and that made the whole experience a pleasant one. Tying the knot cater for all budget ranges and there are many options! Thank you once again for being part of my journey.

Review №31

What a wonderful experience it was dealing with Tying the Knot and getting my dress from them. Such a professional, reliable and friendly team. I rented my dress and it fitted perfectly on the day like it was made for me. I would highly recommend them. Thank you for all your help!

Review №32

What a great experience at tying the knot bridal boutique.There were sooo many dresses to fit on, I absolutely loved every second.I found my wedding dress at Tying the Knot Bridal boutique and when I put it on, on my wedding day I felt absolutely beautiful.The attention to detail was exactly what I wanted!Thank you.

Review №33

I had a wonderful experience at Tying the Knot. Natassia and the team are awesome and make you feel welcome from the moment you step into the boutique. They have a lovely selection of quality dresses and with the help of the team I found my dress dress within just moments. Correspondence and communication is friendly and speedy. I LOVE my dress!! For any bride its definitely worth checking this boutique out!

Review №34

I went to Tyingtheknot to get ideas of wedding styles that would suit me and ended up buying a customized dress! Their service is great and both the owner and consultants make the time to answer your questions and are flexible to your requests. I would highly recommend them!

Review №35

I had an amazing experience at Tying the Knot. The team is super friendly and were very helpful during my consultation. The dress selection is large and you can be sure to find what you are looking for here. Highly recommended! Thanks so much

Review №36

Terrible service. Took a dress to them to have alterations done. Was told we could pick it up two weeks later. Then we were informed that we will have to wait two more weeks to get it done. When we finally got to pick up the dress most of the alterations that was suppose to be done was wrong. The dress wasn’t even cleaned where they used their markers on it. We were told we will have to wait to have it fixed or come back again. No apologies from any one they just carried on like they were doing us a favour. I will not recommend and bride to be to make use of them as their services can’t be trusted.

Review №37

Incredible! I was blown away by Nastassia and the team as well as by the choice of gorgeous gowns. The attention to detail, the number of consultations they allow for to ensure that the bride is happy with the final result and the beautiful alterations they did to make the dress my perfect fit were all part of a fantastic Tying the Knot experience. I highly recommend this Boutique for any bride-to-be.

Review №38

Thank you to Nastassia and her staff at Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique for your excellent, professional and friendly service in helping chose the perfect wedding dress for my special day. I felt like an absolute Princess every minute that I had my beautiful dress on. Thank for always making me feel so special relax at all times.

Review №39

Thanx to Tying the knot bridal boutique for my beautiful wedding dress. I absolutely loved wearing it. It was so comfortable. The service with every fitting was absolutely amazing and you guys really know how to make a bride feel like a princess and stress free with your good services. Very affordable as well.

Review №40

What a fun experience!! Nastassia, who assisted us, definitely knew what she was doing and she helped me find my perfect wedding dress. Such great and friendly service. They even do bridesmaid dresses, so, it is such a relief knowing we can have everything done under 1 roof. I would highly recommend this place.

Review №41

By far the best bridal boutique I have been to in Cape Town. My experience from fittings to ordering and now the final stretch of alterations has been wonderful. They make you feel at ease.

Review №42

Had such an amazing experience at Tying the Knot bridal boutique🤗 i would highly recommend it, I felt so special and so comfortable. Nastassia was fabulous and picked out some really stunning dresses for me to try after just showing her one or two pics of what I was looking for! 🌼

Review №43

Had such an awesome experience for my first time trying on wedding dresses. I found “the one” and don’t even want to look anywhere else! Thank you Mariska!

Review №44

Great interior and friendly, welcoming service. Was treated with patience and generosity. Fantastic stylish selection of dresses in mint condition to try on and lots of natural light helps to set off the gowns and you looking at your best. Bride & Co can learn from these ladies! My search will end here 🤞

Review №45

It was the most awful experience. When we arrived we did not feel welcomed at all and being the first time trying on dresses and in the early stages of being pregnant I was hoping for some guidance, I shared some ideas I had but was open to suggestions from the consultant. All the styles she brought me were very similar and when I asked for something else she said they would be too fitted and would not tie up and i would not get a true reflection. 35 minutes into the appointment she told me she had no more dresses to show me when I had paid for unlimited dresses for an hour. My sister went to have a look and suggested a few but was told that she does not recommend them for me which is fine but at least I should have been given the choice to try on dresses if I wanted to. I would not recommend going here if you looking for a personalised service or guidance in dresses, they are not very warm and welcoming at all and have a very small selection of dresses.

Review №46

Such a beautiful place to go! I would encourage all bride-to-bes to go to Tying The Knot for the best wedding dress experience. They go out of their way to make you feel special & to order you dream dress! :)

Review №47

I went to Tying the knot bridal in Table View to try on wedding dresses and my first visit was succesful. All the dresses that the consultant asked me to try on was absolutely stunning. I found my perfect dress. The experience was amazing, friendly staff and they know exactly what you want...Thank you Tying the knot bridal for making my dreams come true..

Review №48

Lovely atmosphere and very kind employees. They also have a wide range of beautiful wedding dresses. I was so lucky to have found my dress on the first day at Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique.

Review №49

I would recommend any bride to Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique, the service I recieved was exquisite! For one Natassia advised me on every point I needed advice on regarding the dress I wanted, the dress was initially too big, however she made it work, as she knew this is the dress I wanted for my special day. The professionalism was amazing. Thank you so much to you and your team for your amazing work Natassia, as I will forever more remember the beautiful dress I wore at my wedding.

Review №50

A good experience. I had to do the fitting on my own, so cannot vouch for what it is like when you have others with you. However, I found my dress and they allowed me to FaceTime with my family to show them. They also let me get some photos. Overall, they have stunning dresses, and tried to make it as nice an experience as possible, even when doing it on my own.

Review №51

Great experience. Fantastic customer service and hospitality. Definitely recommend this as your first stop shop should there be a bride close to you

Review №52

What an amazing experience. This was my first time trying on wedding dresses, Nastassia made me feel right at home immediately. She listened to every concern, criticism and opinion and we found my perfect dress in every way. Her passion for dresses and client satisfaction and her friendliness and soft hearted personality is what made this so special. I would highly recommend Tying the knot to any bride from a small budget to high, they have it all. Thank you Nastassia I look forward to our fittings.

Review №53

I had lovely experience. Cute fitting rooms which makes it personal and cosy. Good coffee as well.

Review №54

Wow! Nastassia you & your team were amazing. Thank you for the most amazing dress I could ever ask for. And for changing & altering to exactly what I wanted in a dream dress. Excellent service and I would recommend Tying the knot over and over again!!!! xxx

Review №55

I bought my dress on their sample sale and was very satisfied with my purchase. My wedding dress was perfect on our special day! Great email communication and customer service.

Review №56

We ordered my daughters dress from Tying the Knot last year. She arrived from the UK a week before her wedding in April. The boutique arranged her first fitting and did all necessary alterations within the short time period. The service was excellent, the staff were so friendly and helpful . I would recommend Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique to anyone looking for a dress for their special day.

Review №57

Bought my dream dress from them online, she was super helpful and efficient. She organized overnight delivery! Super happy client. Would definitely recommend them for your dream dress.

Review №58

Saturday i got married to my soul mate and oh boy could that man not take his eyes off me! Tying the knot i want to say thankyou very much for importing my dress on time,for amazing service from all your staff,for being so professional and always keeping me up to date on the alteration progress...Job well done..i will truly recommend your service/company to any bride to be out there! 10/10

Review №59

I can only speak with much gratitude of the amazing service I received from Nastassia and team. From fitting to ordering my dream dress and helping me to sell it afterwards. Really appreciate all you have done for me Nastassia!! Blessings to you and the team♥

Review №60

Really lovely studio with beautiful dresses. The consultants make you feel very comfortable and welcome and the fitting rooms are very pretty and inviting!

Review №61

Professional service , my wedding dress was of good quality at a very reasonable price. The attention to detail was immaculate. My needs were really accommodated to create the dress of my dreams.

Review №62

Great help with the face to face consultation however, follow-up and communications via email seem to be poor. The pricelist of dresses that I had loved after the fitting were not sent to me. When I requested it a month and a half later, they had lost it. When I described the dresses and waited for a reply, no reply was sent. So now I am disgusted by the service that I PAID for.Will not recommend to anyone. Planning a wedding is stressful enough to leave you scatterbrained. You do not need incompetent services like Tying the Knot as another worry.

Review №63

Friendly. Helpful. Even dresses for hire looks new and very well taken care of.

Review №64

Lovely gowns and dresses. Fabric is luxurious. Would highly recommend this boutique and professionalism i experienced here. 💛

Review №65

Amazing cant wait to wear my dress this weekend♥️♥️♥️♥️

Review №66

Shocking service. Didnt feel welcome at all, and none of the staff I interacted with were very friendly at all. The woman who was with me for my fitting could not have been less interested and basically made me do everything myself - not even one smile the whole time. Wouldnt recommend to anyone.

Review №67

Such a great experience. I enjoyed working with Nastassia to find the perfect dress, mission accomplished. Thanks for everything!

Review №68

After a whole week of wedding dress shopping I was really starting to stress about not getting the perfect dress. Walking into Tying the Knot I got a very relaxed feeling. Melisa was such a helpfull hand and even tough I wanted to try on a dress that was not at all what I described she calmly helped me to fit it. After realising that I wanted that dress she immediately helped me to complete my look. All the follow up sessions were great moments. I am so happy that I chose Tying the Knot to help me make my big day, a very special day!

Review №69

Excellent service. Very professional. The dress was absolutely beautiful, the exact style and detail I dreamed of. A very pleasant experience. Highly recommended!

Review №70

The service is amazing.They went above and beyond to making me feel special and looking like a princess on my wedding day. Thank you a million !!!

Review №71

I had a great experience at Tying the Knot, would definitely recommend it to any of my friends looking for a wedding dress!

Review №72

Best experience and so helpful. Lets every bride feel important

Review №73

I booked an appointment with tying the knot to explore their enzoani collection! I was lucky enough to find my perrrfect wedding dress on the first day... and it was the second dress I tried on! I couldnt take my eyes off it... and remained in it for the duration of my fitting (which lasted an hour)... I said YESSS to the dress!!! It has all the details...exactly what Ive been looking for. #weddingcountdown

Review №74

Really great service! The 3rd dress I tried on was the winner - the ladies had a good eye & could analyse quickly what style and look I was going for! Tying the Knot made dress-searching a very easy and enjoyable task! Theonie Burger

Review №75

An amazing experience with Nastassia at Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique. She was very patient and helpful during every visit and went above and beyond in her service delivery. I would definitely recommend her services! AMAZING, THANK YOU NASTASSIA :)

Review №76

Friendly service, gorgeous wedding dresses! You cant go wrong with Tying the knot! Best boutique Ive been to.

Review №77

I loved it, yall should get your wedding dresses there

Review №78

Very enchanting experience

Review №79

Would recommend this to all brides! They very helpful and serve you champagne

Review №80

I found the one at Tying the Knot with the help of the wonderful consultants

Review №81

Tying The Knot Bridal Boutique was the first bridal store that I went to when I started my wedding dress journey. I made my appointment via their website and received an email with an appointment date and time which I accepted. Once we (my mom and me) arrived at Tying the Knot we were greeted by Nastassia, the owner of the boutique. I explained to her that I wanted to try different styles of dresses as I wanted to see which style would suit my body the best. We waited in one of the private fitting rooms and while we had juice and water she selected dresses for me. It would turn out that the FIRST wedding dress I ever tried on would be THE dress, but I wanted to give the rest of the dresses a chance just to make sure. She made me feel comfortable and gave ideas with each dress if I wanted to make any changes.However, after two other bridal stores I couldn’t get that first dress at Tying The Knot out of my head and I went back for a second appointment. The second I tried it on again, I knew that my feeling was right and I immediately told them that this is the dress. Nastassia took my measurements and my dress arrived 6 weeks later, even quicker than she had anticipated. The fittings went well and she made sure that the dates and times were convenient for me and that I was happy with my alterations. I always received an email and sms to remind me of the appointments and I saved it on my calendar as well. If I ran late or anything I contacted Nastassia beforehand and she would always find a solution as I did not want to inconvenience her, knowing that they had other appointments as well. If I had a question regarding anything I called or emailed and they attended to me. Nastassia, always made me feel welcome and she was always calm. She made my beautiful veil and garter as well.If you want to see the most beautiful wedding dresses and find your perfect dress then this is the place. Would recommend Tying the Knot to any bride. Thank you Nastassia and team for my beautiful dress, veil and garter, my wedding day was truly the most beautiful day of my life and I appreciate the effort and extra mile you went for me.

Review №82

Nastassia and her team went out of their way to accommodate me and make me feel comfortable. Nastassia knows what she is tooking and took only a few minutes to find my dream dress. Alterations are perfect and I my dress fits like a dream. You will definitely have a great experience in this neat and beautiful studio with a variety of dresses. I would recommend Tying the Knot Bridal Boutique to anyone.

Review №83

Nastassia is always quick to respond, the variety and prices are good and the showroom is pretty and comfortable

Review №84

Staff were extremely helpful and the service was excellent. Highly recommended.

Review №85

Loved every moment - Very helpful and beautiful boutique.

Review №86

Helped me find the perfect wedding dress a week before tying the knot

Review №87

Massive verity, exceptional prices and epic service

Review №88

Best experience ever, bought my wedding dress from them

Review №89

Great selection of dresses with very helpful staff

Review №90

Melissa is a queen! She knows what you want before you do

Review №91

Friendly and helpful staff with a beautiful range of dresses!

Review №92

We offer great service and quality wedding dresses!

Review №93

Best place to get wedding gowns, awesome services

Review №94

Great service and good quality dresses

Review №95

Very helpful

Review №96


Review №97

Amazing service

Review №98


Review №99

My Dress Was Perfect :) Thank you so much for all your effort, my husband had about a few tears in his eyes when I walked down the aisle.

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