Bosman Plumbing & Renovating
5 Cherry Way, Constantia, Cape Town, 7806, South Africa

Review №1

The Bosman Team really gave us a good experience when they repaired some plumbing issues we had. We have an older system and the plumbers that have dealt with all our issues were professional, prompt and knowledgeable. When they arrive you know your issues will be resolved. I trust the workmanship and you do get value for money. The admin team is just as fantastic and are always willing to work with you. An all round fantastic team

Review №2

Very professional on their approach from the office to the plumbing done on site. Thx Bosman plumbing for your excellent service

Review №3

A supply pipe running through my garden was split by tree roots and began leaking about 8 litres/minute. While my insurer faffed around and did nothing, I decided to call R C Bosman who had helped me out in a similar situation some years back. Suffice to say that within 2 hours of the phone-call, the pipe was repaired and the wastage of potable water reduced to a minimum. No fuss, no mess, just a fine job done quickly.

Review №4

Fantastic Service and brilliant workmanship. BEST in the business and would highly recommend. Always go out of the way to assist and get the job done with the best quality and best team.

Review №5

They are excellent and always on time with a 5 star service. Bosman has been looking after our units for many years and we will never use another plumber.

Review №6

Excellent service and high quality workmanship and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using this company !

Review №7

My daughter recommended Bosman Plumbing as she used them previously. Wonderful experience . Friendly , proffesional staff

Review №8

They are as professional as it gets -Most super people to deal withI appreciate sincerely & highly recommend-estee m

Review №9

Fantastic people to work with and first class emergency service. R.C Bosman Plumbing 24 hour emergency service teams are quick to respond to crises situations like blocked drains, burst pipes and geysers. Well priced as well. Overall experience was great. Two thumbs up guys.

Review №10

This are the worst plumbers ever. I had a blocked drain and asked them to take a look. When they arrived, the two guys stayed in the bakkie for 10 min before I had to go out and call them. I have CCTV in front of my house, so I can see them.They got to the back of my house and then said that they wont be able to unblock it . Gave me a paper to say why THEY cant unblock my drain (no price on it ) and left. Three days later I get a call asking me for my email because they want to invoice me for the work they done at my place. When I explained that they didnt do anything , they changed it to a call out fee of R600. No call out fee was mentioned when I called and no call out fee on their website, so they made it up. It seems that this is the only way they can keep this business afloat by charging for work they cant do. Im in the building industry and Ive never come across a company like this. Downright thieves. Sad to think that we work hard and these people just make up fees to make a living. Dont use or even call this so called plumbers. They are the worst. I see that there are more people complaining about the same thing. I think that we need to report this to the newspapers. This company cant just get away with this type of scam.

Review №11

Very professional company with staff who are prepared to go the extra mile for their clients. Their workmanship was of a very high standard and they are incredibly thorough. The staff that attend to the calls are friendly and knowledgeable, and they keep in touch with the client about the plumbers arrival times etc reliable and on time too! I will definitely use them again .

Review №12

They responded very promptly. No wasted leak detection as another plumber insisted. Dug up paving and replaced inlet pipe well within an hour. Very pleasant team. Inspired trust and confidence. And the price was appropriate. Well done.

Review №13

Whilst their response time was good, thats where it stopped. their workman were rude, unprofessional, dirty and smelled terrible! Would not recommend. rather look elsewhere.

Review №14

Thank you guys for fixing my leaking pipes and for unclogging my bathroom drain. It was such a relieve to have found reliable 24 hour emergency plumbers in the southern suburbs. Thank you so much. I will be sure to spread the word. Absolutely great service.L murry

Review №15

Rubbish plumbers. Came to inspect a leak in the kitchen. Claimed it was the geyser. Said it was burst and that it needed to be replaced. Claimed it lacked important parts that meant it could explode on the spot. Charged me over R800 for a 5 minute inspection. Turns out the problem came from the flat above. Nothing wrong with the geyser.

Review №16

Quick response. Great workmanship.

Review №17

RC Bosmans plumbing is, in my opinion, overpriced, and their book keeping is abysmal. I have had dealings with them both for private work at my home, and in my capacity as the chairman of the Body Corporate of a Sectional Title Scheme. My experience of the former concerned a recommended geyser replacement which turned out to be a faulty pressure valve (at home) and continual invoicing for work paid for by EFT on the day of completion (RC Bosmans requirement) at the sectional title block. There are a number of competent plumbers around, with competent book keepers. In my experience, RC Bosman is not one of them.

Review №18

Professional staff and very neat workmanship.

Review №19

Great service from Roger and his leak detection guys. Place where the pipe was leaking was found and sorted out. Best leak detection and plumbing company in Cape Town.

Review №20

A big thanks to the plumbing team for unblocking my drain and your fast service. R.C Bosman 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers Cape Town is by far one of the most reliable drainage and plumbing companies.

Review №21

We had RC Bosman come out to do a job at our house. The job was really not big and could be completed by 2 guys in 2-3 hours.However, they sent several guys and most of the guys just spent half the day sitting under a tree smoking.Then, when the invoice came they billed us R1800 / HR!!!I then disputed the bill and refused to pay it as it is ridiculous, but they then had the audacity to give the invoice to a debt collector.It seems this is their standard M/O. Make up ridiculous invoices and then give it to a debt collector!AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!

Review №22

Excellent service and after sales. I would highly recommend RC Bosman Plumbing to any of my friends of family!

Review №23

A difficult problem that they tackled with with dedication and sorted out,

Review №24

Bad experience. They conveniently overcharge, unless you query the specifics of the invoice, and then dont bother refunding the difference.

Review №25

One of the best bathroom renovators in Cape Town Ive worked with. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №26

I called these plumbers out to establish the cause of serious damp in the corner between my diningroom and kitchen. A team from ALD - Accurate Leak Detection pitched up. They did the imaging and gas thing and informed me that the leak was under my built in oven. This cost me R875.00 on the spot. Their recommendation and I quote: chop open @ stack from the outside area, if leak is in floor need to remove oven and chop in floor Additional comments: divert pipe from the stack to kitchen sink outside around.I then called in B Michaels Plumbing who discovered that it was a waste/outlet problem and not a leak in the supply/inlet. The contractors from B Michaels were amazing.It is now 3 days later and I have still not heard from R C Bosman with any follow up or appointment for sorting out the problem.I am not impressed with R C Bosman at all - very unprofessional!!!!

Review №27

Excellent response for a Sunday

Review №28

The plumber tried to overcharge me for a really small job.

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