Team LA
upper, Hopkins St, Parow, 7500, South Africa

Review №1

The Team LA has performed an exceptional job at my house. Their communications was first class, what they said they were going to , they did. Thy did a good quality job at very reasonable prices. The team leader was on the ball, with very good supervision. I could also see that the entire team worked with each other very very well too. To be totally frank, its the best I have seen by far. I therefore highly recommend them if they continue at this rate.

Review №2

I havent used the service, but if the way the driver of the Nissan Bakkie drives is any indication of their work ethnic, I strongly suggest you avoid using their services.Overrevving the bakkie, overtaking two cars at a time with people on the back as well as grass etc.Complete disregard for any road users, image what they would do to your lawn, plants or bushes.I see that they do tree felling as well, hopefully they dont drop the tree onto your roof.

Review №3

Paving,The did the paving for us he had to remove the old paving which was unprofessional and replaced with his paving and now its really looks amazing I & my family were very happy with your work and we even asked them to do the front as well now the yard its really looks nice and neat thank you Liberty I recommend others to use you because youre more professional and honest

Review №4

Great landscaping and artificial grass installation at affordable prices. Liberty ensures great service from making quotes, doing the job and aftercare services

Review №5

It is a pity that I cannot give them -5 stars. I requested a quotation for a rather large job. On 3 occasions they did not even arrive for the appointments we set up. I had to take time off to accommodate them and lost money due to this.

Review №6

***UPDATED REVIEW***My follow up experience with team LA has been immeasurably pleasant. Off the bat I must admit that they have provided me with the best garden service I have had to date - doing work no other garden team has ever offered to do.The owner came out to view my property and within no time, and on time as promised - I received a quotation. While not the cheapest quotation I have received I must admit, the quality of the work and the extra efforts that was put into my garden is exceptional. One can see the owner takes criticism seriously and strives to be better, with the aim to provide his customers with the best garden service available in Cape Town.They provided me with a good after service - making sure I was pleased with the work. I have signed an ongoing maintenance contract with them without any hesitation. Trusting in their quality and reliability is worth every penny...

Review №7

Fairly dissatisfied with the outcome of a major project that was done at my home.Total cost of more than 150k.I thought they should be great after reading the online reviews but unfortunately learnt the hard way with false promises and sweet talk.The team started off well but as time went on the standard dropped and supervision was lacking.After discussing with the owner(Liberty) it seems this is the best that could be done by them. Excuses were made that doesnt hold any weight, claiming that it was a big project and they learnt a lot but he was over budget, despite me paying his full quoted amount.They managed to correct certain parts of the project but unfortunately still substandard, this after forcing me to buy extra material which was seperate from the quote to ensure the project could get to some sort of completion. Issues include: leaking and non- aligned gutters, cracked cement finishes, pealing paint and varnish, unlevelled paving, loose fitting wooden decking, leaking of waterproofing to mention a few.I researched the company prior to such a huge undertaking and Liberty seems genuinely eager to help but they are unfortunately lacking experience and his supervision over my project was lacking.I would not advise their services for larger projects and if you do go with them, their quote is at least 20% more than most other quotes, they usually place a significant markup on the material of around 30-40%, and only buy from specific suppliers claiming they are better, however i havent seen a difference in quality buying from other suppliers, i used Brights.Please do not make the same mistake i have, either go with someone else or be there to supervise on larger projects. Many of the things they have done will have to be re-done with further costs.I would advise to stick with only basic gardening work and NOT employ them for larger projects as they do not have the experience to ensure a professional result.PS: I will forward their quotes and pictures if you would like to review.They also denied stealing but multiple tools missing and Liberty claims it wasnt them but they were the only ones to work at my place.

Review №8

Team LA trimmed my 3 palm trees and cleaned up after. I am very impressed with their service and the pride they take in their work.

Review №9

These are the best landscaping and garden mantainence guys in Cape Town. We have been contracting the company since 2015 in our lodge properties for major landscaping and minor works and our areas are spotless. Good value for money, they come on time and very efficient.

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  • Address:upper, Hopkins St, Parow, 7500, South Africa
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  • Phone:+27 21 836 9029
  • Gardener
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  • Tree service
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