Bugs and Sparks
Merlot Park, Merlot Avenue Table View, Cape Farms, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Review №1

We used bugs and sparks and they were excellent and offered to come to our new house to check if everything was good and as it should be on their account but then a very precious ring disappeared out of my jewellery box. Long story short we did a Polygraph test on the guy that was working at our house and it was positive that he took it. Please be careful when they come to your house and make sure there is someone to check up on them. The way they handled it was poor and as if I was the one not telling the truth.

Review №2

I cannot recommend this company emails and calls get ignored and the quality of their work is pathetic. They want to issue certificates when everything is not 100% correct and before they arrived my geyer was not leaking after they did whatever now its leaking and they just want to sweep it under the mat or at least claim that I asked for it to be disconnected.

Review №3

Unfortunately I cannot recommend Bugs and Sparks.My emails and calls to them regarding a quote were repeatedly ignored and unattended to. They then tried to charge me for work which wasnt completed. The inspector showed me there was no need for ventilation to be installed. He made a note of it to be credited to my account and I signed it. But then on the invoice it wasnt reflected until I queried.Unprofessional at best. Dishonest at worst. Avoid them.

Review №4

Really professional experience.I booked the team for an Electrical, Plumbing, and Beetle inspection. The team was on time and very comprehensively and quietly went through their tasks. It was clear they were organised. The report is especially good because it has detailed photographs next to all the issues to be addressed.I used Bugs and Sparks to complete the repairs needed to get certification and those teams were equally punctual and professional.I received the certificates one day after repairs were complete.

Review №5

Awful experience. I booked an electrician to come look at something and their only availability was after hours (5:45). No one came and there was no communication of cancelation. This matter couldnt wait another day and now every other company is closed and i have to wait another day. Extremely disappointed. not recommend

Review №6

Thank-you Bugs and Sparks for the fantastic service, especially to Danielle Koorsen for her ever awesome attitude. Loads of issues with my place from being vacant for over a year and she along with her teams handled all the matters in record time. Fantastic client relation skills, courtesy calls all the way through, I couldn’t have asked for a better consultant. I strongly recommend Bugs and Sparks and of course Danielle to anybody needing assistance. Jason

Review №7

From quoting stage to finish, they were professional and did a good, clean job.

Review №8

Good service from Bugs and Sparks; on time or informed if running late. They did a thorough job without cutting corners. Recommended.

Review №9

Friendly, efficient and professional service. A real pleasure from start to finish. I highly recommend

Review №10

I recently used Bugs and Sparks to do the electrical and gas work during a kitchen renovation.I am extremely happy with their work.The staff arrived on time, if they were going to be late I was informed well in advance.They even made a plan and sent one of their staff to fix an issue at very short notice on a day they were not scheduled to work at my property.During a stressful time, like all renovations are it was good to know that there was a company you can rely on to do the work at the specified time in a professional manner with knowledgeable and friendly staff.Ill only use Bugs and Sparks for all my electrical, plumbing and gas needs in future.

Review №11

We had impeccable service from Bugs & Sparks. They did all our inspections after we already received compliance certificates and picked up so many errors that the sellers team did not pick up. We are so grateful for getting them on board and picking up all these errors in electricals, plumbing, gas compliance, electrical fence and discovering beatles in the floors!!! They are the best of the best and definitely worth getting in!

Review №12

The electricians are exceptionally hardworking and kind - they worked almost non-stop for 11 hours on my property due to a million issues left by the previous owner. But the behind the scenes people couldnt care less about the safety of their customers and the inconvenience they put them through. Constant talking back, not listening to concerns - I literally wasnt given a chance to explain what was bothering me and was constantly shut down and interrupted by the admin person. She kept talking down to me like I havent worked with property acquisitions and compliance issues before. They need to learn basic customer service if they ever want to see their Google rating increase. Judging by the other reviews this behaviour is the norm for this company. UnbelievableEdited to add: its been a week and my house is still without a tripswitch (which the B&S electricians removed). Bugz and Sparks are also not returning my or the agents phonecalls to rectify this situation.I may not be the one paying the bill (the seller is) but I am the one receiving the terrible service

Review №13

I have just sold a property and bought another one. Bugs & Sparks did the compliance certificates for both these properties. Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by them made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience. Thank you Bugs & Sparks

Review №14

Excellent service, very professional and efficient. A special thanks to Danielle for putting up with all my questions.

Review №15

Most pathetic company I have ever dealt with. they did a coc for a property I bought only to sit with issues later. Called and emailed them and they never bothered. I got a penalty from the city of Cape Town for tempering done by the previous owner but because this good for nothing company did not open the DB board to check they could not notice. Now I am selling the property just to realize the plumbing is also a mess but they issued a coc. what a waste

Review №16

The most pathetic service ever!!!! There was no problems or issues but i unfortunately asked them to do the certificates. Since the plumber was here i have endless problems. Even worse, the try to fix and and the plumber did not want to drive from Brackenfell to Table View for the part so he went and fetched one at his buddy close by. Now i sit with no water untill they decide to come back and sort it out. Videos and photos mailed to the office. I wonder if they will pay the water bill seen that the water was running for 4 hours. Pathetic

Review №17

Asked for a quote and got an invoice for work carried out without approval instead.The price was reasonable though.

Review №18

The worst certification company I have ever met. They caused malicious damage to my home, they overcharge, they double charge, and they charge for things that need not be fixed. And then their repair work is of the lowest standard having to come back and fix the same thing over and over. The certification you issue is not worth the paper it is written on as the things go wrong very soon after - and of course then they claim it is out of warranty.

Review №19

Extremely horrible work ethic and workmanship. They’ll give you horrid service at a ridiculous high price. I would never recommend this company to anyone and I’ve got at least 3 people that can also say the same thing!!!

Review №20

There staff in there bakkies do not comply with Estate parking rules as if they do not have driver license and if you talk to them they have attitude problems

Review №21

Great service

Review №22

I have never experienced such shocking service and workmanship. We got saddled with this shocking company when we purchased an apartment and have only negative things to say. They put an ugly pipe in for the drip tray running across our wall without asking us. They installed a high pressure geyser and a low pressure valve which caused the geyser to leak and the shower to have no pressure. We asked them to return several times to fix a leaking tap which is still leaking. Do not use this company.

Review №23

Rude staff members from this company!!! The worst.

Review №24

Reliable and easy.

Review №25

Great workmanship

Review №26

Get ready for Daylight robbery! Over priced!

Review №27

Wish I could give a negative star review. I plan to tell everyone to stay away from this trash company, Nightmare to communicate with, unprofessional and incompetent. Leaking 3rd time now from their fix 2nd time they took 3 days to come despite promising to come at an arranged time on the 2nd day. So my leak went for 3 days.. with a nice water bill Im dealing with now. Plumber argued it was a different location that before, which I dont believe at all. Anyways AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Only reason I had to deal with these fools is because they did the Compliance Certificate arrange from the property agent, which makes me very worried..

Review №28

So unprofessional left me house wores then they found it . Guys stay clear . Still fighting with them to fix . Been over 2 monthsU have been warned

Review №29

Dishonest, Disspicable, Deceitful, Disingenuous, Delusional ...This company has a very special and calculated MO.As you all know, when you sell your house you need a CoC and #Bugs #and #Sparks pride themselves in doing beetle, electric and gas. They offer a special price if you use them to do all, but DONT BE FOOLED!!!Everything is what is seems.Once you have paid for your CoC, they will come out and find a myriad of things wrong with your house which they then share (their bogus report) with the buyer and the transferring attorny in the hope of forcing your hand. They then escalate the prices of repair by as much as 1000% and tel you that you can sort out some of the non-technical items yourself but to a maximum value of 30% of their quote. If you choose to have another company carry out the repair, they will charge or a new CoC.These people dont deserve to be in business because they are dishonest!!!

Review №30

I will not use Bugs & Sparks again!

Review №31

Friendly, helpful, professional and on time. Well done!

Review №32

Whatever you do do not use them, bad service bad workmanship!

Review №33

Well done

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