Capriccio Private School
10a Ascot Rd, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Review №1

What an amazing school. Our daughter is excited to go to school every morning and full of stories when we collect her. As parents we have definitely seen her develop by leaps and bounds. Communication between the school and parents is forthcoming, consistent and appreciated.

Review №2

This has been a great place for both my children to learn. Thank you very much Capriccio for giving the very best. My kids will miss the boutique schooling environment and all the fun stuff they learnt and did at Capriccio. Too bad we are returning to our home country soon. Id have loved for them to finish primary School right there.

Review №3

Great school, our daughter is always eager and happy to go to school.Good modern communication systems.Love seeing daily photo updates of what our little girl gets up to and noticing all the clever things she has learnt when she gets home.

Review №4

I have the great privilege of educating young minds at Capriccio! as the Principal. The arts based curriculum inspires and immerses learners to be creative, think out the box and see the world through different perspectives. The children are loved, happy and always eager for the next learning adventure.

Review №5

A wonderful school which we have attended for three years with both of my boys - they are often the first to be dropped off and the last to be collected and they are still smiling when i get them ! my boys kept asking over holidays when school goes back - which says it all ! highly recommend !

Review №6

The school is a lovely place for children to enjoy themselves while exploring different ways of learning. Each student is cared for individually with loving and caring staff.

Review №7

Our 5 year old daughter has been attending Capriccio! Arts Powered Schools since she was 2 years and 4 months old. Words cant express how pleased we have been with this school. The teachers and staff are so loving and caring. Every morning, our daugther is looking forward to go to school because the teachers do a fantastic job in keeping kids engaging and learning. We are very sad to say that this is her last year with the school. Thank you for everything you have taught our daughter. We would highly recommend this school to anyone and everyone!The Nyembezi family

Review №8

Amazing school!! We have a daughter who has combination ADHD and the teachers and assistants have been extremely patient and showed willingness to learn and better accommodate her. We absolutely love the school!!

Review №9

Beware of the lies that come from this school! Our son attended Capriccio last year and I am only able to write this review now due to ongoing threats from the owners. While this school has beautiful grounds and facilities, a wonderful curriculum and enthusiastic teachers, those features will be the wool they try to pull over your eyes. I have all our issues documented should this review be challenged.1) Extremely high staff turnover. Teachers leave without notice, they just dont come back the next day. We had 5 teachers in the space of 3 months. They lied about merging classes, and put unqualified teachers assistants in place of teachers. I have personally spoken to a number of these teachers since they left and their reasons range from bad treatment, being threatened (a common thread), bad remuneration and discrimination. We tried to engage with the school on this issue multiple times as it was affecting our son but they blamed the teachers and would not take accountability.2) Health issues. This was brought up in a previous review as well. Our son was constantly sick. They did not adhere to their own sick policy. I would find visibly sick children in my sons class (green snot and all) and ask the principle directly why this child was not sent home. They blame the parents. Our GP told us to remove our son from school for 8 weeks over winter to avoid the infections he was constantly getting from school. It affected our entire family, including our infant son. Two ex teachers have told me that they were not allowed to notify parents of sick children in case the parent blamed the school. This is not hearsay, this was witnessed and told to me first hand. The parents were not notified of serious illnesses by the school.3) Teachers: While we loved the girl who was in charge of our sons class very much she did not have a teachers qualification. When we interviewed the school we were promised that the class would be no more than 14 kids with a qualified teacher and teachers assistant. After all the teachers quit, we addressed the issue again and were told that it was not a requirement. The two classes for our sons age were merged without proper notification to the parents. There was 1 teacher and 2 assistants put in place. Im not sure what happened when that teacher left because you cannot get a clear answer from them, and you are not allowed into the school during hours to check. You just have to believe what they say. This was yet another lie and another coverup.4)Aggression from the owner: The final straw came when we had a meeting towards the end of the 3rd term to address health issues yet again. I took another parent with me to the meeting because I needed help getting the message across. I was constantly told that I was the only parent who was complaining when I knew this was not true. I am so glad I did because she could be my witness. One of the owners (who we were not meant to meet with) stormed in to take over the meeting. He did not want to hear what we had to say. Even after asking to postpone the meeting he continue to shout at us. I have never been treated with such disrespect and aggression and gave my notice there and then! They do not want to have constructive conversations. In every meeting we had, our intention was to be constructive and get to the bottom of the problem for the sake of our son and the other children5) Communication - They do not want parents to hear or receive any bad news should it reflect badly on the school. Parents are not allowed to set up whatsapp groups among themselves in case someone says something bad. Clearly they have things to hide!6) Threats: I have been threatened with defamation. I have never said anything publicly about this school until now. I am not scared to come forward. You cant sue someone for the truth. I have it all on paper. The problems run far deeper than my personal testimony but those issues are for other people to come forward with if they are not too scared to.

Review №10

The most loving staff teaching an impressive and stimulating arts-inspired educational program for little ones. A happy place filled with happy children!

Review №11

Ive heard this is a good school and i checked their website and its legit my only problem is that on the website i dont see the school fees and and aftercare cost

Review №12

Capriccio is a big school, and comes with the pros and cons of a big school. The main advantage is the truly amazing infrastructure, while the main disadvantage is the high number of germs due to the many kids. The school struggles with a high employee turnover, but all of the teachers that we met were great. The curriculum is well diversified and great fun for the average toddler. I would not recommend the school to parents who are looking for a Montessori environment because their child deviates from the norm. The learning material is inspired by Montessori but not the way of teaching. The school does group lessons rather than individual lessons, and there are no mixed age groups.

Review №13

Been a happy parent since 2013 - both our kids went through Capriccio and are very proud to have been part of the school.Also want to mention both Elbe and Thornleys willingness to listen to and communicate with us as parents.I have no question that they always put the well-being of the kids at their school first.

Review №14

The children and parents are always so friendly!

Review №15

My daughter started her education in this school. We couldnt be happier. Capriccio was exceptionally clean much to the delight of my wife and the education she received was excellent.

Review №16

My son started at Capriccio when he was 2 and a half next year January he will be 5 years and going to a big school. It has been a amazing journey for him, he made friends and got a good foundation.Thanks to Capriccio staff for nurturing him.

Review №17

I am so happy to have chosen Capriccio for my boys. It is so lovely knowing such well educated, brilliant, passionate, loving head of management staff is so hands on in the future development of my childrens minds and nurturing their strengths. Thank you for all the hard work you do.You see the enthusiasm from the person who welcomes you at the door, to the teachers in the classrooms. I have not had a single bad experience, conversation or been unhappy about anything for the last year that my boys have been at Capriccio. We are now going on year 2 with my eldest in Gr R. We have tried 3 schools before this (from Hout Bay to Century City) and truly happy here.AND we are so happy they are expanding their Foundation Phase! I love the way they have set out the class structures in an entirely new way, our world is changing and we need our children to be dynamic and innovative! Happy to know my children will be exposed to different age groups during class and have the opportunities carefully curated by Capriccio.Groups are small - my son has 12 children in his class (Gr. R) and my smaller boy (4) has similar quantities if not the same - have not confirmed as birthday invites only go out next month ;)

Review №18

I have heard alot about the schools excellence

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