Swimming Pool Specialist (Pty) Ltd
Lansdowne, 26 Dolomite Ave, Penlyn Estate, Cape Town, 7780, South Africa

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After paying them in full in November 2019,Dyaan and Hanifa disappeared whilst the pool was incomplete.Its been a struggle ever since to get them to complete and fix their mess.As per the pics,two weeks after we filled the pool, the pool topcoat discolored and the fiber lining pulled loose as well and the coping also became loose. They eventually came to re align the skimmer box which did not line up with the jets, where they created a bigger mess,now they just stayed away.They are very unreliable and they are very dishonest in their dealings with us.They sitting with all our money which they received in Nov last year and we still do not have a pool we can use.i will never recommend them to anyone.

Review №2

Purchased water storage bladders, 2 out of 3 received.2 received problems reported and received shocking voice notes.

Review №3

Took all our money and never finished our pool, paving, feature wall, no pump, filter or chlorinator which were paid for was also not delivered. Floor of the pool was hollow had to knock it up again only to discover they never laid concrete it was just a thin layer of cement and lots of loose sand when we knocked up the floor. They need to be taken to task for taking peoples money and not delivering. We have to pay someone else another R50 000 to finish the mess they left us with after receiving R84 000 from us already. They started our pool on 11 January and still have not completed it is one excuse after another and dont deliver on communication.As per the contract the pool was supposed to be completed in 4 weeks. we paid to do our paving and cladding around the pool as well. Some material was delivered a questionable pool structure was built. Lots of material not onsite to complete the pool, paving and cladding. The fibre material, resin, sand, cement and chlorinator which paid for is still outstanding. They are not contactable they dont respond to messages. They dont deliver on their promises and we sit with a half of a feature wall that we paid for and the plumbing was also incomplete. We asked them to deliver the outstanding material and money they owe us but are yet to do so. I would definitely not recommend them to anyone.

Review №4

SCAMMERS!!! They scammed us out of R35000, never completed project and the work that was done was of terrible quality. We are 1 of 20 cases against them!***************************************************************************Just an extension of my review after they replied, in true character, with more lies. They left us with a hole in the ground, no coping, no plumbing, no electrical and no fibre lining. We only recently managed to have our pool completed after they scammed us. It cost a further R45000 to complete the project due to repairs that had to be done on their shoddy workmanship (pool was completely out of square and the cement lining was in places so thin you could poke through with a stick).I have photos, EFT transfers and various WApp and email correspondence with these two fraudsters, even one where her husband apologises and admits their fraud and begs us to not make a criminal case against them, even sending pics of their kids. Believe what you want, but you have been warned. Use these fraudsters at own risk.

Review №5

They are frauds. Take your money, make empty promises and never return after they have your money. We are over 10 people that we know of a the moment which they have defrauded. Take 1st deposit, do basic work, take 2nd deposit to carry on, but never returns. More than welcome to contact me on [email protected] for pictures and videos of pools they have not finished. Hanifa and Abdu, we are coming for you, this is not a threat, this is a promise.

Review №6

Contracted to build a pool in November 2019 Not completed The structure that was build is of poor quality After full payment and several attempts to get in contact with them to complete and fix their mess NOTHINGTheir lack of professionalism ismind-blowing I would not recommend them at all

Review №7

Absolutely amazing and professional service

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