Kay-Dee Educare Centre Cc
1 Hill Park Ln, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa

Review β„–1

My daughter has been in After Care at Kaydee under Teacher Debbie since Grade 1. She is collected from school safely and we have seen an improvement in her scholastic journey every term. Thank you Debbie, Charles, Zipho, Stacy and Odette πŸ€—

Review β„–2

I sent my daughter to this daycare and I absolutely would not recommend this daycare to any one. If you can help it. Try another daycare.

Review β„–3

Not suitable to look after babies. They have two caregivers for over 10 kids AND babies. Floors are dirty, no handsantisers in sight, kids bottles are scattered all over the room with open caps, cots are used as storage devices. Perfect environment for babies to get sick way too much. Spoke to a caregiver after her break and she reeked like cigarette. Wiped the toddlers teet off with her top... When I mentioned the hygiene issue I was told kids must get sick. I get that but this was just unacceptable. They force you to buy stationary for a 4 month old baby mid year, apparently the baby will draw. When I contacted them to say my son wont join, the manager didnt bother to ask why not.

Review β„–4

Horrible ExperienceMy 8 month old son was enrolled at this institution. Upon registration we signed the registration forms and a contract. We were never provided with a copy of our contract agreement. Upon termination of our agreement, we were invoiced R102 for late submission of documents. We approached the principal and queried the nature of this charge. She advised that we did not submit a piece of paper stating that Im unemployed at the time, and we were invoiced R50/document. At this point, we asked for a copy of our signed contract, but was refused on several occasions. I then advised that I will not pay these fees, until I have received a copy of my contract. They kept sending me a registration form, and still refused to provide me with a copy of the contract. Upon termination, I went to collect my childs remaining stuff blankets, nappies, wet wipes etc, and was rudely denied this. The principal Odette advised that she will not give it, until I pay this penalty for late submission of documents. Again I requested to have a copy of my contract, and was advised that this too, will not be given, until I have paid the fee. All our fees are up to date from day one, and all fees were paid on the 25th day of every month, yet she demands payments now for a fine, when its still a few weeks from payday. This woman is an absolute bully, and one of the reasons why society cant function properly. Extortion of loyal customers, threatening to take us to court, refusing to give us our property, and being very unprofessional towards me and my partner with threats and cornering us in her office, raising her voice as if we are some kind of insubordinates who has to bend to her will. She is condescending, and border racist in the way she addressed us. I will not recommend this place to anyone seeking a safe haven for their kids. It is dirty and has a permanent smell of dirty baby diapers. Since my child has been there 4 months, he has been sick all the time. We send him to school everyday with a change of clothes in his bag, but when we pick him up, his dirty, smelly, and in the same clothes we dropped him off with. We spent at least once or twice a month having to take him to the doctor for infections etc. The only reason why I kept him there so long, is because the other daycare can only accommodate us from January 2018. Thank God the year is done, and our little one will be in a better place soon. They are under staffed, and too many kids per caretaker. Ive made a lot of mistakes, and learnt from them, This is one of the worst. Leaving my baby in the care of Odette was an absolute nightmare. I will however acknowledge the teachers who were genuinely interested in working there, and who love kids. One of them has her own child there, ad our baby loves her to bits. I will definitely be more careful about who I leave my child to look after.

Review β„–5

I learnt some valuable lessons on what to look out for in a crèche. The principal in particular is not very forthcoming and I got the sense something was not above board. Will not recommend this place to anyone looking for a daycare for their child.

Review β„–6

Kay-Dee is an excellent Educare Centre and I would recommend Odette and her team to any parent wanting a great grounding for their young children.

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